School Resource Management

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Entrust ICFP Tool
ICFP is a tool that links curriculum and financial planning, and can help schools deliver the best curriculum possible, whilst achieving educational success and financial sustainability. Entrust have been recognised by the DfE and have been included on their list of providers of ICFP advice. ICFP looks at key metrics and those metrics inform and influence the key decisions being made by school leaders. Entrust have produced an Entrust ICFP Tool which will allow schools to introduce and implement ICFP with confidence by calculating these key metrics and using them to produce an ideal staffing structure. In addition, you will receive an Entrust webinar that will teach what these metrics mean, along with allowing members of your school to learn about ICFP, and how it can positively affect your schools financial planning.
£170.00 + VAT
Academy Finance For Governors
By the end of this webinar you should have an understanding of what a Multi Academy Trust is, your financial roles and responsibilities, how academies are funded, and be able to interpret financial reports and provide challenge where appropriate.
£99.00 + VAT
Finance for Maintained Governors
This webinar will allow governors to understand their financial responsibilities, train them in how schools are funded, and how to interpret financial reports in order to provide appropriate challenge to their schools.
£99.00 + VAT
Effective & Accurate Budget Setting (ISBL)
A look at the purpose of budget setting, and an exploration of various budgeting techniques with the pros and cons of each. The webinar will also look at preparation, forecasting and monitoring, and hopefully will help you to confidently prepare your school’s budget. In partnership with ISBL
£49.00 + VAT
Introduction to School Business Management (ISBL)
Written by an experienced school business manager, this webinar will be perfect for anyone new to the school business professional role. It will provide an insight into the key priorities and tasks of a school business professional and offer support that can be used throughout the career. In partnership with ISBL
£49.00 + VAT
School Finance Vs Academy Finance (ISBL)
This webinar is perfect for school personnel involved with, or considering, conversion to an academy. It looks at the financial implications of becoming an academy, concentrating on what are the differences between school finance and academy finance, and how workloads and procedures will change. In partnership with ISBL
£49.00 + VAT
E5 Budget Monitoring Tabs Workshop
This webinar is for anyone from Cumbrian schools (in particular the finance staff) interested in learning about the tabs reports generated by the County Council. You will gain knowledge on how the tabs are pulled together, understand how to monitor budgets within the tabs, what each of the reports mean that are included in the tabs, and what areas to pay special attention to.
£99.00 + VAT
Schools Financial Benchmarking (ISBL)
This webinar links to Tier 2 of the ISBL professional standards and is therefore aimed at delegates with some previous knowledge of education funding. Throughout the session we will discuss why we use benchmarking, how to best interpret the resulting data and how to use it effectively. We will cover the twelve key metrics identified by ISBL which should be informing your school's financial discussions as well as the Government's benchmarking website and the School Comparison website. In partnership with ISBL
£49.00 + VAT
Entrust - Schools Approved Bacs Bureau
Manage your day-to-day financial transactions securely and cost effectively with our BACS Bureau service. Our service is quick, accurate and simple and includes payroll, creditor and supplier payment, payment collection and fees refunds. Accurate Entrust is registered as a BACS Approved Bureau and has been tested for security, reliability and contingency arrangements. We will ensure only authorised users access the system and we have a full BACS recovery system should it ever be required. Quick We know how many financial payments schools and academies must make and how time sensitive they can be. We ensure a quick and streamlined process. You won’t need a swipe-card or any special software installing. Simply upload your file to our website and we’ll do the rest! Simple BACS payments and cash collections can be easily integrated into your existing financial management system inflexible data formats to meet your specific requirements. We can process BACS payments from SIMS, SAGE, PS Financials and many more!
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